How to add friends to a party in Battlefield 2042

Squad up.

Image via Electronic Arts

Adding friends makes the Battlefield 2042 experience all the better, giving you the chance to coordinate with people you know during a battle. For those trying to add friends to the party in Battlefield 2042, you might run into a few problems. We’ve noticed that directly adding someone to the experience is a little confusing. Here’s what you can do to add friends to your party in Battlefield 2042.

Before entering a match, you’ll see a small tab on the lower-left portion of your screen called ‘social.’ Here, you’ll be able to see the list of friends who are currently playing Battlefield 2042 and those who have access to the game.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Click on it, and then a new menu will appear, showing you everyone who is currently ready to join your game and who you can invite. You’ll be able to send party invites directly from this screen and jump into Battlefield 2042. You also have the option to add players you played with during a match.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The big confusion right now for Battlefield 2042 is that some players might be trying to play with others who are on different platforms. When Battlefield 2042 will have crossplay capabilities when it launches, but right now, that has been disabled for the beta.