How to beat Great Izuchi in Monster Hunter Rise – all attacks, weaknesses, tactics, and drops

That is one big chicken.

Image via Capcom

Your first real monster hunt in Monster Hunter Rise will be the Great Izuchi Hunt. He is terrorizing an important supply route for the town, and you need to put a stop to him.

Great Izuchi will be an easy fight for any veterans out there, but for players who are new to Monster Hunter, this is a learning experience. Great Izuchi doesn’t travel alone and will have two smaller Izuchi with him. This will make the fight far more interesting for players.

The Great Izuchi can appear in areas 7,8 or 9, and will visit areas 3,4 and 7 during the fight phase, so prepare to chase it.

All Great Izuchi attacks

  • Tail Slam – spins around, slamming its tail straight down into the ground
  • Tail Sweep – a wide, sweeping attack from left to right
  • Triple Tail Spin – spins three times, swinging its tail
  • Spit Attack – spits a large projectile at you from a distance
  • Rush Attack – charges forward, clawing with its feet
  • Scratch – will do a station swipe with a claw

Great Izuchi weaknesses

Great Izuchi will take extra Sever and Blunt damage to the head. It will also take extra damage from flash bombs and shock traps. Poison, Paralysis, Sleep and Exhaust ailments are all very effective against it.

For elemental damage, the head and tail tip will take more damage than any other area, with Shock damage being the best type.

Tactics to beat Great Izuchi

Taking out the smaller Izuchi is a must, so wide, sweeping attacks are great to hit all the enemies at the same time. It’s also smart to go for the head and the tail, as they both take more damage that other body parts. Lunging attacks from the side do have a good chance of knocking the Great Izuchi down, however.

When it does the tail slam attack, if you dodge it the tail will get stuck in the ground, and you can get some easy damage into it. Stamina is really important in this fight, due to all the enemies making you dodge a lot.

Finally, make sure you take advantage of wire bug moves to dodge incoming damage, and be sure to heal, take a stamina potion, and sharpen your weapon between each fight section.


  • Great Izuchi Hide – best chance of a drop
  • Great Izuchi Pelt – high chance as target reward, capture reward, or drop
  • Great Izuchi Tail – best chance from breaking the tail
  • Screamer Sac – best chance from broken parts
  • Monster Bone
  • Wyvern Tear