How to beat Scrambler in Cyber Shadow

Slice up a robot.

Cyber Shadow is made for fans of the 8-bit era. It’s a 2D platformer with tight controls and satisfying combat. However, it’s been over 30 years since Ninja Gaiden was released, so your 2D ninja skills could be a bit rusty. Even the most hardcore gamer can struggle with the more challenging bosses in Cyber Shadow. This guide will walk you through how to beat Scrambler in Cyber Shadow.


Before the fight, be sure to activate the three bonus effects on the checkpoint platform. These effects are Spirit Recovery, Automatic Repair, and Blade Extend. Blade Extend is incredibly useful, but you will lose it if you get hit three times, so try to stay at full health. Spirit Recovery is essentially useless for this fight, as the shuriken does little damage to Scrambler.

First phase

Position yourself at a medium distance away from Scrambler during this fight. If you stand too close, he will shoot out a plasma bolt, and if you stand too far away, he will simply jump closer to you. The two attacks you need to watch out for are his laser ray and his ground pound. When he charges up his laser ray, don’t jump, as the first ray goes right over you. Then, jump right before he releases the second ray.

For his ground pound move, jump away from the AoE. Once you completely deplete his health, he will exit his suit, initiating phase two.

Second phase

Scrambler only has one attack in his second phase. He will jump and instantly shoot a plasma ball towards you. When he does this, immediately jump over the plasma ball and attack right before you land. Repeat this until he’s defeated, then grab your reward.