How to beat Sylla in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Knock out these pet battles of Revendreth in rapid succession.

Image via Blizzard

If you’re trying to complete the Resilient Survivors world quest in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, you’ll need a solid team of pets to take down Sylla and his furry crew. The team we put together will make short work of this quest and send you on your way to other tasks in the new expansion.

The two most important pets you can bring into the fight against Sylla’s team are the Pandaren Water Spirit and the Nexus Whelping. Ideally, you’ll be using an H/S Pandaren Water Spirit, and a P/P Nexus Whelping, but with your abilities, any breed should work for this fight.

Sylla uses three pets: Ash, Fang, and Swarm. Begin by using the Water Spirit’s Whirlpool and Dive abilities. Follow this with one or two Water Jet attacks, and this will take out Ash before it knows what happened.

Once Fang enters the fight, continue with a Whirlpool attack from your Water Spirit. Afterward, use Water Jet until your Water Spirit is defeated. Now is the time for your Nexus Whelping to shine.

Begin this round with Arcane Storm, setting the fight in your favor. You can now spam Mana Surge and mow through Fang and Swarm, securing your victory and finishing the Resilient Surviviors quest.