How to beat the Legendary Hydra in Immortals Fenyx Rising

Ten heads are better than one.

Immortals Fenyx Rising

Despite reminding us a lot of a certain famous Disney dragon, the Legendary Hydra can be a pretty tough fight. This multi-headed menace is a monster you will need to take on at the request of Athena.

The fight takes place in a small arena, with the Hydra towering over you. To start, you will just need to contend with one of its heads, then two, then four, until you can finally start reducing the numbers and eventually killing the final one.

While this is happening, you will need to look out for ads that the heads will summon in, and a pool of acid that they will spit at you. Both serve to reduce the area you can operate in, forcing you to deal with other things instead of just dumping damage into the Hydra itself.

For Godly Powers, Hephaistos’s Hammer is quite useful here, as it allows you to do plenty of damage to all the smaller enemies at once, and clear them out a bit by knocking them back. This fight is mostly about buying small windows of time to damage the Hydra heads.

If you have the Galewind bow, you can get a 26 percent damage bonus on your first 3 shots, so you can clear the ads, then snap off three quick shots at the Hydra for maximum damage before going back to dodging acid balls and axes again. An upgrade Departed Shade sword is also useful, giving you bonuses from perfect dodges, which you will be doing a lot in this fight.

Because this fight can go on for a while, it’s a great idea to bring any weapon, item, or armor pieces that will return health to you. On the higher difficulty levels you are looking at a long flight, and increasing the number of arrows you can hold at once is never a bad idea either.