How to beat the Thenia’s Loyal Companions pet battle in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

The true test of loyalty is how many times you can get back up.

Image via Blizzard

Bastion is home to many pet battles in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, and you’ll need to beat 14 of them if you want to earn the achievement that gets you the Mawsworn Pet Leash. One of these battles will pit you against Thenia, and we’ll give you the best possible team to knock her pets to the ground.

Your trio of pets will battle the team of Sunset Glimmerfly, Plains Peachick, and Golden Grazer. Counter this lineup with Nexus Whelpling, Stormborne Whelpling, and any pet of your choosing that has more than 1400 in health. Begin the fight with your Nexus Whelpling, setting up the atmosphere with Arcane Storm. After turning the weather in your favor, unleash Mana Surge, which will continue the damage dealt for another three rounds.

On the third turn, your Nexus Whelpling will be swapped out by Wind Buffet, forcing your Stormborne Whelpling to take over (assuming your third pet has the required HP threshold). Don’t fret, as you can cast Mana Surge once again. The duration of this attack should be enough to knock out both Sunset Glimmerfly and Plains Peachick. With that, Golden Grazer will be the last pet standing for Thenia.

Activate Arcane Storm once more to keep the weather tuned to your advantage. From here, you can spam Frost Breath until your Stormborne Whelpling falls in battle. Toss your Nexus Whelpling back into the fight, and go with another Mana Surge to end this fight.