How to beat the Truly Ginormous Goomba in Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope

That’s a big-a Goomba, all right!

Screenshot by Gamepur

As you explore the Temple Catacombs beneath Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope’s Beacon Beach, you’ll come across a golden pipe. Every level has a pipe like this, and it leads the world’s most challenging boss. In this case, it takes 12 Sparks to unlock the pipe before you can enter the chamber of the Truly Ginormous Goomba. This oversized enemy is covered in Darkmess, and it can be a really stubborn boss to squash. Here’s how to handle it.

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How to defeat the Truly Ginormous Goomba

Screenshot by Gamepur

First things first, know what doesn’t work on the boss. As you can see from the screenshot above, it’s resistant to splash damage and can’t be bounced around. It can’t be dashed through either, thanks to its size. However, it can be scared off with the megaphone Spark if you have that unlocked. Look for opportunities like this to make it move away, as that will trigger any Hero Sight or Storm Blade abilities you have ready to go. It also generally gives you more space to operate.

Just be prepared to spend a long time whittling down this thing’s health — it has a lot. Mind your own health too. The Ginormous Goomba doesn’t actually attack anyone, but it’ll simply deal heavy damage to anyone it steps on (including enemies) as it waddles around, destroying any cover in its path. The good news is that you can fire upon it from a distance and keep yourself generally safe, so long as you don’t let it bump you over the edge.

The other thing to watch out for here is the Goomba’s backup. The fight starts with some fire-throwing enemies and Wildclaws, and more Wildclaws will spawn in once the initial minions are gone. You will have already beaten the Giant Wildclaw before this battle, so you know how to deal with those. At that point, maintaining your distance from all foes is even more important.

This is the first of the game’s optional bosses, and it can be a toughie. Be patient and keep whittling down that ginormous health bar, and eventually, the Goomba will be gone.