How to sign up for Halo Infinite technical tests

You may get lucky and play the game early.

Halo Infinite

Image via 343 Industries

One of the most anticipated games of 2021 has been Halo Infinite. Everything we have seen on the game so far tells us that this will be a traditional game in the series and brings that classic experience and revitalizes it for today’s gaming landscape. Now that we have gotten our first look at Halo Infinite’s multiplayer in action, we want to get our hands on the game as soon as possible. Maybe you do as well, with upcoming tests no doubt to be announced before the game releases this holiday season. Here is how to sign up for Halo Infinite’s technical tests and become a Halo Insider.

How to become a Halo Insider

To sign up for access to Halo Infinite’s technical tests, you need to go to the community page of the Halo website and sign in with your Xbox account. When signed in, press the Signup button under the Halo Insider tab. Note that to be eligible to be an Insider, you must be at least 18 years old and accept a confidentiality statement saying you will not post any screenshots, video, or opinions of Halo Infinite until the game releases.

After you confirm the two bullet points above, enter your info. On this page, you can decide if you want to receive surveys and promotional emails from the Halo team, and be sure to let them know what Halo games you have played and which ones you are interested in the most.

Screenshot by Gamepur

On the next page, you are asked to be a part of console flighting. The Flighting program lets you participate in early Halo technical tests. If you are a console player, be sure to hit yes here and enter your gaming setups. The following page will involve the same process, but for PC players.

The final page will ask you about your availability for flight tests. Specific tests will invite selected players to partake in the event at a particular time to ensure they will have a population on the game to find. Be sure to enter your information truthfully so you are asked to play when you are available and update this information if it changes.

After you have completed the setup, all you need to do is verify your email. If chosen for a test, 343 Industries will contact you by email with all relevant information for participating in an early trial.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Halo Infinite has not announced any date for a technical test yet as of this writing. However, signing up before that announcement will ensure you have a chance to be selected whenever that begins. Just pay attention to your email.