How to catch a Cocomite in Bugsnax

Cocomite bay.


Image via Sony

Cocomites are awkward little Bugsnax, with a reasonably deep capture method. You will need to scan the large palm trees in Burning Bay and you will see them at the top of the trees. You can then use your Snak Grappler to pull them down to you.

After that, go to the part of the beach with the Paletoss Grande. Put down the Cocomite Husk and get the Paletoss Grande to charge at you, making sure it hits the Cocomite Husks. When it does, it will break them in half, revealing the Cocomites, but it will also freeze them.

Even after the frozen effect has worn off, you still can’t just pick them up. Instead, you will need to trip them using your Trip Shot. Set it up on one of the nearby rocks, then fire the Trip Shot at a tree or cliff, keeping the wire close to the ground. 

Now it’s time to start herding the Cocomites into the wire. This is a little awkward, as you will also need to contend with the Paletoss Grande, but with some patience, it can be done. The wire will break each time a Bugsnack hits it, so you will need to set it up a few times to get them all. When the Cocomites walk into it and trip, you can run up and use the Square button to catch them in your net.