How to catch a Scoopy Banoopy in Bugsnax

Two scoops please.


Image via Sony

You can find the Scoopy Banoopy in Frosted Peak in Bugsnax. This large, aggressive Bugsnack will try to chase you down and flip you with his large banana claws. If you touch him, he will freeze you on the spot, so you need to find a way to thaw him out.

You will find a Scoopy Banoopy on the right side of the mountain after you enter the area. Make sure you have plenty of chocolate, because these chaps love it. You can either lure him with chocolate, or let him chase you, until you get to the campfire on the gentle slope to the right of the central mountain.

Get him to crash into the fire and he will defrost, giving you 20 seconds to trip him. Set up your Launchpad and Trip Shot, then aim the Trip Shot at a tree. If you can lure the Scoopy Banoopy into the wire he will trip, and you can run up and hit Square to catch him in your net.

If you don’t do it within 20 seconds, he will break up into smaller Bugsnax, and you will need to find another one. It is probably easier to lure him with your own fleshy body that with chocolate, you just need to stay a little bit ahead of him. You also want to wait to set up the Launchpad and Trip Shot until he is on his timer, otherwise another Bugsnack will most likely walk into it and break it.