How to catch Deino during Dragon Week in Pokémon Go

The prized Dragon-type Pokémon.

Pokemon GO

In Pokémon Go, the last weekend of July featured the Pokémon Go Fest 2020 event, the yearly meet-up for all Pokémon Go players. This year it had to be a virtual event due to the COVID-19 outbreak, so everyone who purchased the ticket could take part in the event. Those that did had access to a variety of challenges, rewards, and endless Pokémon goodies. There were also global challenges available that gave players benefits for a limited amount of time. If they were able to meet the goals of the challenge, they gained access to the Ultra Unlock weeks, three weeks of exclusive Pokémon events available to all players. The first one is Dragon Week, and from July 31 to August 7, players worldwide have the chance to catch Deino, who now has their shiny version available.

There are only two ways to catch Deino during the event. The first is to complete the Dragon Week research tasks and earn rewards. There are two Deino encounter available if you complete all of the research tasks before August 7 at 1 pm PT.

The second way is to hatch it from 7-kilometer eggs. You can only receive these eggs from friends who send you gifts, and you must receive and accept the gifts during the event, or they will contain other unlocks from previous 7-kilometer spawn pools.

These are the only two ways to capture Deino during the Dragon Week event. It is not available in the wild, so don’t expect to encounter it while walking around or when having your incense active. Deino’s evolved form Hydreigon has a specific moveset you may want to use for it to have it become a powerful battle league contender.