How to catch Hoopa Confined in Pokémon Go

A Mythical encounter.

Image via Pokémon Go’s Twitter

For the Season of Mischief in Pokémon Go, there is an exclusive season-long Special Research project called Misunderstood Mischief that every player has access to for a limited time. Starting on September 5 at 11 AM in your local time zone, a set of tasks will unlock for the Misunderstood Mischief Special Research, and by completing them, you’re going to gain access to capturing Hoopa in its Confined form. It’s a guaranteed encounter, but you should be able to capture it if you reach this stage.

Hoopa will not appear in the wild as a five-star raid, and it will not hatch from an egg. It’s a Mythical Pokémon, which means it’s only available at specific times in the game. Niantic is pretty good about making sure these Pokémon are usually accessible to all players, but never for too long. The task becomes available when the Sunday event, Hoopa’s Arrival, kicks off.

You’ll only be able to capture Hoopa in this form once, so you can expect to not earn too much candy with it. If you want to power up Hoopa, you’re going to need to walk around with it, slowly building up candy as you complete distance goals, or use rare candy. While Hoopa is a Mythical Pokémon, it’s not the best choice. We don’t recommend doing this, and investing resources in this Pokémon we feel is purely a PokéDex filler. You’re better off doing it with other Pokémon.

The Season of Mischief Special Research, Misunderstood Mischief, will only be available during this season. However, you do not need to complete during the Season of Mischief. So long as you grab the quest once, you’ll be able to complete it at any time, but it’s recommended to do it sooner rather than later as some of the tasks that could release later on will be easier on the days they release.