How to catch Kwookies in Bugsnax

Sweet tooth.


Image via Sony

If you want the paranoid Snorpy to leave the Sugarpine Woods, you will need to catch a Kwookie for him. Why? So he can replace his teeth with them, stopping the people that he is convinced are tracking him through his fillings. 

The Kwookie, which looks like an Oreo with legs, can be found in the Sugarpine Woods, so you won’t have far to go. You can normally find one just down the hill from Snorpy’s house. These guys are fast and difficult to catch. They won’t fall for a trap, you can’t even use a sauce to distract them and catch them in it. 

Instead, you will need to use the new Trip Shot device that Snorpy gives you. The Kwookie should be running in a circuit around some rocks, so scan it to highlight the route. 

Remember, you cannot deploy the Trip Shot on dirt, so you will need to set it up on the rock, then aim it and fire it at another rick to set up a tripwire. Don’t worry if it looks like it is too high, the Kwookie will walk into it and trip over, allowing you the time to run up and catch it in a net by hitting the Square button.

A quick tip for the Trip Shot is that if you cannot find somewhere suitable to set it up, put down the Launchpad and place it on that. Open the gear wheel and switch back to the Trip Shot and you’ll be able to use it as normal.