How to catch Ribblepedes – Dem Bones – Bugsnax

A meaty treat.


Image via Sony

Triffany will ask you to catch three Ribblepedes for her in Bugsnax. She is investigating some old bones in the Scorched Grove and wants to know if the Ribblepedes has been eating them. 

You can find the Ribblepedes by checking in the buildings of the ruins. You can find them hiding on the walls and roof of the buildings. They won’t move, preferring to stay completely still if they can. 

If you scan the Ribblepede, you will find that they like hot sauce, so you can use this to tempt them down of the walls. If you don’t have any, there are plenty of hot sauce plants in this desert area. 

Set up your Snak Trap, the hit the ground beside it with some hot sauce. The Ribblepede will scurry down off the room to get it to come down towards the trap. When it is in range, activate the trap to catch it. Do this in all three buildings, then head back to Triffany and feed her the Ribblepedes. If you don’t know which buildings to check, you can see the three doors you need to go into in the image above. 

We also have a video show where to find them all embedded below. After you feed her the Ribblepedes, Tiffany will ask you to find a way to break through the blocked door. All you need to is lure the Spuddy over to it, then make it charge straight at you while standing in front of the door. Jump out of the way at the last second and the Spuddy will smash through the wall for you.