How to change a Pokémon’s nickname in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

What’s your Pokemon’s name?

Screenshot by Gamepur

One of the greatest features of every Pokemon game is the option to name your Pokemon anything you want as long as you think it has a nice ring to it. But what if you don’t like how the name sounds when it comes out of your mouth, you misspelled it when you were typing it, or you like the name but it comes across as offensive to someone else?

Don’t worry. You can visit a Name Rater and he’ll help you come up with the perfect new nickname for the little pocket monsters on your team. Here’s how you can change your Pokemon’s nickname in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

The only place you can find the Name Rater is in Eterna City, the location of your second Pokemon Gym Battle. As soon as you enter Eterna City, head two blocks south of the Pokemon Center, turn right, and you’ll see Eterna Condominiums next door to the Poke Mart. Once you enter the lobby of the building, you’ll see the Name Rater lounging on the table on your left. Walk up to him, and he’ll offer to rate the names of your Pokemon.

Then, select the Pokemon in your party or in your box(es) whose nickname you want to change. Regardless of the name your Pokemon has, its species name or the name you gave it, he’ll tell you, “That’s a decent nickname! But would you like to give it an even better name? How about it?” Then you can go in and type in the name you believe suits your Pokemon better than the one you named it before seeking the Name Rater’s council.