How to change outfits in

Those on the web browser may need to unlock the option first.

Image via JustPlay.LOL

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The mobile and web browser shooter follows in the footsteps of other popular battle royales with its cosmetic shop full of skins, emotes, and stickers. Those who’ve purchased one of these cosmetics can change their outfits within the main menu but may need to perform a few steps before it can be done.

On both the game’s online launcher and mobile app, players can change into different skins through the Locker option on the left-hand side of the main menu. However, those using the web browser must first link a Google account to the game. To do this, begin by clicking on the Google logo located near your profile picture in the top-left corner. Once the Locker is unlocked, head to the Outfits tab, click on the outfit you want to change into, and then tap on the empty grey box above it to confirm your choice, as shown below.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Another advantage of playing the game on mobile is that players can access their first outfit for free by clicking on the Mystery Skin in the Shop menu and watching a set of ads. Aside from the Mystery Skin, any other cosmetic within the shop will have to be bought with the LOL Coins. Like these cosmetics, LOL Coins can also be purchased at the store, but with real currency.