How to change your loadout in Call of Duty: Warzone

Change your loadout in the middle of a Warzone game.

When you jump into Call of Duty: Warzone, there’s a lot going on in the game. You have plenty to do in the game, and you jumping into the game with the correct loadout is important. Before you jump into the game you have the opportunity to modify your loadout, but you can also do it in the middle of a game if you have enough cash on you.

You can choose the loadout you want to start by picking from your custom choices in the loadout in the weapons menu. From here, you select the type of weapons you want to have and to take with you or prepared. However, because Warzone is a battle royale, you don’t start with any of these weapons. You cannot openly choose them and take them into combat. Instead, you can have these called down to your position when you reach a show and have enough money to summon it.

The shopping cart icons are all over the map. You can check them by opening up your map, heading to those locations, and picking the custom loadout option. You receive a smoke grenade to toss out and have a dropbox come down with your weapons. You equip all of them and set yourself up for a steady fight in the game. Admittedly, if you already have the useable gear you’ve looted from running around Warzone, you can skip this option, but for anyone struggling to get some gear or a weapon you like you can use this to wreak havoc.

Changing your loadout is pretty quick to do, but it takes quite a bit of cash to do. You only want to do it if you’re struggling, or one of your teammates doesn’t have the best gear. Earning money is essential in Warzone, so make sure to complete as many contracts as you can while playing the game.