How To Claim Free Pokéball Mystery Gifts In Sword and Shield

Pokémon Sword And Shield

Pokémon Sword and Shield are offering players some gifts in celebration of the holiday season. These gifts include various kinds of Pokéballs that will help you along your way to completing the Pokédex, and they are free.

For now, these Mystery Gifts only contain different types of Pokéballs, but in the future, Gamefreak could switch up the contents of the gifts. We do not have any confirmation at this time.

Currently, mystery gifts hold nine kinds of Pokéballs.

You will need a code to unlock each gift, which contains three Pokéballs each. Navigate to the Switch eShop and select “Enter Code,” which is on the left side of the screen. Below you can find all three codes for the Pokémon Sword and Shield Mystery Gifts and what each code contains:

  • 1YAHAYA : Fast Ball, Level Ball, Moon Ball
  • KOUN1NMASCOT : Beast Ball, Heavy Ball, Lure Ball
  • OKUGAFUKA1BORU : Dream Ball, Friend Ball, Love Ball

Pokémon Sword and Shield Pokéballs

Each of these Pokéballs is extremely useful in-game, as they all help the catching process in unique ways. Some are self-explanatory, like the Fast Ball, which increases catch probability the quicker you use it in battle.

Others, like the Lure Ball, aren’t so easily understood. Here’s a quick rundown of how each Mystery Gift Pokéball works:

  • Level Ball – increases catch probability if the trainer’s Pokémon is at a high level.
  • Moon Ball – helpful when catching a Pokémon that evolves using a Moon Stone.
  • Beast Ball – increases the odds of catching an Ultra Beast (when they eventually release in Sword and Shield).
  • Heavy Ball- works best on Pokémon who weigh more.
  • Lure Ball – increases your odds of catching a Pokémon while fishing.
  • Dream Ball – makes it easier to catch Pokémon who are sleeping.
  • Friend Ball – increases friendship with the Pokémon caught using the Friend Ball.
  • Love Ball – works best when used on a wild Pokémon the opposite gender of the trainer’s Pokémon.