How to complete Noveria: Lorik Qui’in in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

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Mass Effect Legendary Edition

After speaking with Anoleis, the meeting doesn’t go that well in Mass Effect Legendary Edition, forcing you to seek an alternative route to reach Peak 15. Anoleis’ secretary, Gianna Parasini, will quietly instruct you to seek out Lorik Qui’in. You can find them in the hotel directly across from the administrative portion of the facility. Lorik will be able to assist you in finding a way out of here and on your way to Peak 15.

Where to find Lorik Qui’in

You need to go directly across from Anoleis’ administrative office to the hotel. It’s a straight shot from the starting location. From there, go up the elevator to the hotel, and you should find Lorik directly across from the hotel. He’s a Turian.

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Once you speak with Lorik, he’ll inform you that the pair of you can benefit from a partnership. He has evidence against Anoleis that proves he’s dirty, but he’s hidden it well. Unfortunately, Anoleis has locked off his office, and several guards are ransacking it right now. He provides you a key to his office, and you can make your way there to clean out the guards working for Anoleis. Lorik’s office name is Synthetic Insights.

Clearing out Synthetic Insights

After you’ve finished speaking with Lorik, you can head to Synthetic Insights. It’ll be downstairs, on the same floor as Anoleis’ administrative office in the Plaza. When you reach the elevator, take a right turn, and then take another right turn. You’ll be heading towards the hanger out of the facility, but stop before reaching this area. On your left will be a doorway, and you can use Lorik’s key to access the office.

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On the top floor, a pair of guards will stop you. You can use Charm or Intimidate to tell them to go away. These will be Paragon and Renegade options, so make sure to make the choice that fits the points you want to earn, depending on what type of Shepard you’re playing.

While those guards will leave you pass your Charm or Intimidate check, the guards around them will not, and become hostile. Take them out, and then make your way to the back area in Lorik’s office, on the second floor.

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After grabbing the evidence, return to the front area, and Kaira Stirling and her guards stop you. Unfortunately, there is no way to deescalate the situation, and any dialogue route will result in a shootout. Kaira has a pair of snipers next to her, so we highly recommend grabbing cover as soon as the conversation ends, or you’ll take a lot of damage early.

Make your way out of the office, and Parasini will be waiting for you. Speak with her, and she’ll ask you to return to the hotel to talk with her before you talk to Lorik. You can choose to ignore Parasini and return straight to Lorik in the hotel. This is a quick way to end the mission and proceed to Peak 15, but it does not yield as many experience points or net you any Paragon and Renegade points that you could earn.

By speaking to Parasini, she reveals herself as Internal Affairs, and she’s attempting to arrest Anoleis. She wants you to convince Lorik to testify against Anoleis on the Executive Board, and that evidence can make it happen.

How to convince Lorik

There are several choices you can make during this point in the mission. You can choose to go the entirely Renegade route and turn in the evidence to Anoleis back at his office and give him the evidence. He’ll thank you for doing so, providing you a pass, and several credits for your trouble. At this point, you can also inform Anoleis of Parasini being an internal affairs office, forcing the two to have a face-off, and killing each other in his office. For those who want to go with the most Renegade route and have it happen quickly, you can do this. But we highly recommend you first speak with Lorik before you do anything else, and convince him.

When speaking with Lorik, you’ll tell him that he should testify against Anoleis. He’ll become enraged that you’re telling him that now that you have what is his, you get to decide how he uses it. You’ll need to pass a Charm or Intimidate check, and depending on how many Paragon or Renegade points you want, you’ll want to go with the respective response. He’ll agree so long as you meet this check.

You can now freely return to Parasini back at Anoleis’ office, and she’ll arrest him. You’ll receive the pass shortly after this. You can now reach Peak 15.