How to complete Shiokaze Pier’s first sanctuary in Tasomachi: Behind the Twilight

A challenge for those without a controller.

Tasomachi Pier Sanctuary

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The main objective in Tasomachi: Beyond the Twilight is collecting as many Source of the Earth lanterns that you can find scattered around each of the towns in the game. However, you are also looking to use the sanctuaries to bring life back to each town and remove the fog that has engulfed each world while gaining new abilities.

Getting through these sacred tree sanctuaries is not as simple as collecting what you need and accepting your reward. You need to work for these, and arriving at Shiokaze Pier is the first indication of this. 

To get through the initial door to the sanctuary, you need to collect five lanterns. Most of them are easily accessible ones on the opposite side of the town to where the door to the sanctuary is, but you five should be fairly simple to collect. Once you have five, you can return to the door and enter the sanctuary.

As you enter, you will notice four large lanterns currently out, and it’s up to you to complete the trials of the sanctuary to progress to the end of the area. Next to each lantern is a door that leads to a trial area, where you will be required to complete a platforming challenge. The controls are less forgiving using a keyboard, so a gamepad is recommended if you have access to one before continuing.

At the end of each trial is a torch that you can light and will confirm that the trial is completed.

First Trial – Front left

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The first trial requires you to jump across moving platforms as they snake their way around to the opposite end of the room. This trial is the easiest of the four, as you can walk across the platforms without much issue.

However, if you find it difficult to position yourself correctly, you can reset your camera to allow you to look forward and make the move faster. The game is quite forgiving in its platform detection, so you shouldn’t have much trouble.

Second Trial – Back left 

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The second trial will show you several platforms with a glowing orb on them. The first one that you approach will launch you into the air. The jumping mechanic can be a little floaty, so this is not always the easiest to control.

Your best bet is to make sure that you know the path to take and then move as soon as your reach the platform. Stopping can lose some momentum, so it’s recommended that you continue in the right direction for the section. If you fall, you will go back to the start.

Third Trial – Front right

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The third trial sees you competing to run across platforms before they fall to the ground. Unlike with the moving platform trial, you will experience gaps here, and so it isn’t as simple as running as fast as you can.

Turn the camera to your current direction wherever possible to make sure that you don’t fall off by mistake and time your jumps as best as you can. It’s still fairly forgiving, though, and you can try again if you fall.

Fourth Trial – Back right

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The final trial is fairly routine if you are using a gamepad for it, as you will simply need to follow the path ahead of you. However, this one requires more precision while there are also large wheels that will rotate as you pass across them.

Make sure that you are looking ahead and adjust your path whenever you are required to walk over a wheel. No jumping is required, and you should only consider it if you’re confident that you won’t fall off from jumping.

Once all four trials are complete, the main sanctuary will open up at the back of the level, and you will unlock the ground drop technique for destroying some wooden sections in the town.