How to complete the computer puzzle and activate B-12 in Stray

Awaken your companion.

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One of the first puzzles you will come across in Stray comes in the form of a small room filled with computers. This puzzle appears in the chapter titled “The Flat” and is where you meet your story-long companion B-12. This cute and lovable robot needs to be powered on, and you are just the cat for the job.

Stray computer puzzle solution — how to activate B-12

First, you need to gather up the power cores and get everything running. Stomp around on the keyboard to open the door and get to work.

All Power core locations

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You will need to grab four power cores to boot up the computers. These power cores are all in the room with the computers that you will stumble into after stomping on the keyboard in the flat. The power cores are small cubes with a white light on them. They can be found attached to various computers around the room or resting on their own. Check the following locations to grab them:

  • The center table attached to the computer.
  • On top of the bookshelves on the side of the room near the security camera.
  • In the corner opposite the door you came through to the right of the computer wall. Jump on the lever to get the computer cart to roll giving you a jumping point.
  • The final one can be found attached to the computer cart after jumping on the lever in the room.

Place the power cores on the sockets at the base of the wall of computers. There are four sockets to match the four power cores. Once you do this, the bookcase will slide over, revealing a hidden doorway.

How to activate or power up B-12

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Enter the newly opened room and jump on the head of the robot sitting on the bench. Use this to jump on top of the white pod and then onto the shelf. Walk along the shelf to reach the cardboard box and knock it onto the floor. This will make B-12 fall to the floor.

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Pick up B-12 and bring them over to the scanner in the middle of the wall of computers. There will be arrows pointing to it. Place B-12 on the scanner to activate them. You will be greeted with a cutscene when they awaken.