How to complete the Inn map in Devour

A nice, relaxing spa day for anyone who isn’t afraid of spiders.

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Another map and ten tasks are needed to stop the Devil from taking over another naïve woman who presumes she’s stronger than evil incarnate. Both the Farmhouse and Asylum map had unique mechanics, so too does the Inn, and understanding these mechanics is necessary to come out ahead of the Devil.

It should be noted that, of the three available maps, the Inn is the most disturbing thus far. Completing the Asylum in Devour could make a few players uncomfortable, but the Inn revels in both arachnids and vomit.

Eggs-istential Crisis

The first mechanic is spider eggs, acting as the ritual component. Eggs will be found across the map after Zara is awakened, as she vomits them up. Eggs will then need to be washed in purified water.

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The second is bleach, and the pools of water themselves. After washing an egg that Zara expels, the water will become green again. Using a bottle of bleach will visibly turn the water from green to clear, indicating that it can once again be used to wash one of Zara’s eggs. Moving about and alternating between cleaning the eggs, and cleaning the water, while dodging spider enemies and Zara herself is the key to victory here.


Many doors of the Inn will be locked, and the keys aren’t available until Zara is awakened in grotesque form. Still, we have the now-traditional setup to complete before we kick in the door to the cavern and begin the map in earnest.

Gather all bottles of bleach near the two pools in the back of the Inn; this is where we’re going to be washing eggs, and being able to quickly clean the water after washing an egg will help speed along the process. As with the other maps, moving through the ritual will anger Zara and make her more aggressive, so gathering items before the battle is necessary.

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If playing with others, med packs should also be gathered. Players will continue to find them as they progress, but having all the med packs in a central location makes resurrecting downed players far easier.

A leg to stand on

Once everything is gathered, it’s time to meet Zara. From the pools, put the cliff wall on your left shoulder and move forwards until you come to the mouth of a cave. Head down into the depths, and meet Zara. She’ll vomit an egg, and the game begins.

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Collect five eggs scattered across the Inn as Zara darts in and out of small holes in the wall and wash them one at a time in the pools. As players wash the eggs, take note of the symbols that appear on the outside of them: these symbols match shrines scattered across the Inn. Do not begin returning the eggs just yet — walk through the Inn and collect all keys that are now available, and continue once all doors have been opened.

Bringing an egg to the shrine and using that item will progress the ritual by one stage, burning the egg and shrine in the process. After the first three, Zara will begin vomiting eggs again; it’s recommended to only pick up the new eggs once the first five have been properly disposed of for the sake of organization.

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From here, it’s a mere matter of burning the small spiders that attempt to attack players, stunning Zara, and finding all shrines for all eggs. To complete the level. The process of the ritual is far more complex than those in Asylum and Farmhouse, but the verticality of the Inn, along with multiple hiding spots, means that the level is a bit easier than the other two.