How to construct new buildings in Dice Legacy

Don’t go overboard with the rerolling though.

Image via Ravenscourt and Maple Whispering Limited

Dice Legacy is a blend between dice-based mechanics (as the name suggests) and a settling strategy game. To start your foundation, you will need to construct new buildings to survive the wilderness. This is how to build the essential parts of a town in the game.

To succeed in Dice Legacy, you’ll need a variety of buildings to net you the correct people for your settlement. To find a selection of buildings to bring up, go to the bottom right of your screen and left-click on the “Construct Buildings” button. It has a wrench and a hammer on each side in a brown color. It is also hotkeyed by default with B on your keyboard for PC players.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Once you’re on the menu, you’ll first see your essential buildings: the house, school, cookhouse, and the district hall. When you first start out, you should have at least one of each. This is what each one of them does.

  • The house
    • Creates new peasant dice, offering more roles for you to collect resources, build, or fight incoming foes
  • The school
    • This turns peasant dice into citizen dice
  • The cookhouse
    • This place of grub restores durability for your dice. It is vital to keep their health high; otherwise, it will disappear.
  • The district hall
    • Expands territory and increases efficiency nearby

To get these buildings up and running, you’ll need resources. To get out of the buildings menu, click on the block icon for the dice pool. You’ll see icons in the world matching the dice you have in your pool. Match the worker symbol (the one with the wrench and hammer) and bring it to a woodland area.

Screenshot by Gamepur

They’ll then start chopping wood after about 30 or 40 seconds. If you don’t see any matching dice in your pool, you can reroll by pressing the spacebar. Be careful, however, as doing this will cost an endurance point. If one dice loses its points, it’s dead, and the settlement will dislike you more. You can lock them in place if you don’t want them to be rerolled. Use the cookhouse to restore its health. If you lose all of the dice, it’s game over.

Once you have gained enough resources, go back to the buildings menu, click on your desired construction, and hover over a piece of land that isn’t covered yet. Once placed, you’ll now need workers. You’ll now want to find a dice that has the ax symbol on it. Once you have found the amount of dice you need to construct the building, hover them over to the construction site. They will then start work on that piece of land. For example, a simple house requires two dice and will take around a minute. After around a minute or so, an essential building should be constructed.