How to counter Iron Giant’s cannonball in MultiVersus

This move can make a splash!

Screenshot via PlayStation YouTube

The gentle robot is anything but gentle when fighting in MultiVersus. Iron Giant dominates the battlefield through his sheer size and tanking ability but is also able to pack a punch when he needs to. One of his signature abilities is his ground special, Cannonball!, which allows him to launch into the air and even pre-aim where he will land. Though not necessarily a devastating ability on its own, in the chaos of a fight, it can take you by surprise for a swift ringout. There is also an added danger of the two-portion attack aspect of the ability, which can be a dangerous combo if faced point-blank.

What makes Iron Giant’s cannonball ability dangerous?

As we briefly mentioned, Cannonball! is an attack that comes in two parts. First comes the launch, which has a hit portion that can catch those nearby unawares. The next part is the jump itself, followed by the falling robot cannonball that deals massive damage and knockback if it hits. This ability makes him mostly impervious to harm — but not wholly, as we’re about to discuss.

Screenshot by Gamepur

How to counter Iron Giant’s Cannonball ability in MultiVersus

The best, most surefire way to counter Iron Giant’s Cannonball ability is to be nowhere near it. Avoidance is your best friend in this case and is the simplest way to deal with him falling onto you.

As we mentioned, he’s mostly impervious while cannonballing, and his front-facing will reflect projectiles. However, he’s still vulnerable from the back while he’s in the air. You can take advantage of this to save an ally with a swift aerial kick from the back or with a precise projectile hit from afar, though this is a bit harder to pull off.

Lastly, take advantage of Iron Giant’s giant frame and hitbox. Prevention is the best medicine, and the same goes for facing him. Partner up to take him down or stack damage onto him as much as possible so that any aggressive move he wants to make represents a risk of getting knocked far back. Try to set up so that cannonballing puts him at risk after he lands, and be mindful of staying too close to him and letting him throw his weight around.