How to craft the hot tub in Valheim

It’s not a time machine.

There are a lot of fun things you can build for your home in Valheim. If you can add them to your primary house, you’ll be able to increase your house’s overall comfort level, increasing the Rested buff every person living inside receives when they rest for the night. The Rested buff is extremely useful because it increases your stamina and health regeneration, so you want to have this effect stack as much as possible. A good item to add to your home is a hot tub.

The hot tub was an item added to Valheim during its Hearth and Home update. You can learn how to craft it after locating tar in the Plains biomes, next to the many tar pits. These are all of the items you’re going to need to use to craft a hot tub.

  • 20 Wood
  • 6 Tar
  • 10 Iron
  • 8 Stone

Beyond the tar, many of the items are pretty standard for you to find during your Valheim adventure. For example, both wood and stone can be found throughout the game, with wood coming from nearly any type of tree in your game, and you can acquire stone regularly by taking a pickax to the ground and destroying it.

When it comes to iron, you’ll need to adventure into the Swamp crypts to destroy the many dirty piles. You’ll find the dirty iron chunks inside them, which you’ll have to bring back to your home to break down at your forge.

The final item, tar, can be found in the Plains. You can exclusively find them in tar pits. These tar pits contain creatures called growths, and these are ooze-like monsters that have a ranged attack that poisons and slows you down.

Once you have all of the items, you can set down a hot tub within range of a workshop. You want to make sure that the hot tub’s back is visible, so you place in the wood and have a vent above it, so the smoke has somewhere to go while the item is in use. You want to treat it just like a fire pit.