How to curve your shot in Mario Golf: Super Rush

Miss any hazards with a well placed curve.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Obstructions in Mario Golf: Super Rush can be pretty annoying. If a tree blocks your path to the green, you could find yourself frustratingly wasting strokes to better position yourself. However, if you use a little trickery on your shot, you can set yourself up for success without wasting any time. Here is how you can curve your shots in Mario Golf: Super Rush.

Setting your ball to curve when you swing is easy but might take a little bit of practice to get used to. First, you need to start your swing by setting your power. The first time the meter fills, only worry about the power.

After that is set, a second bar will fill to decide your accuracy. While this bar is going up, you will need to push your left stick in the direction you want the ball to curve. You can choose left or right, of course, but if you want to affect the height of your curve, you can also press down for a lower shot or up for a higher shot. By default, the curving controls are standard, but you can invert them in the settings if you wish.

As you get closer to completing your swing, you will notice three arrows denoting where your curve will go when you contact the ball. The more arrows you have, the stronger the curve will be. That curve strength will also be decided depending on how powerful your shot is. Choosing the power of the curve could end up determining if you land on the fairway or send yourself sailing into the rough.

If you want even more control over your curve, select a character or Mii with a higher spin stat. The higher that stat is, the more control over curving you will have, allowing you to choose at what point in the ball’s trajectory it should begin bending and even making the ball curve against the way it was previously moving. While only Mii characters can increase their spin stat, you can get new golf clubs for the Mario characters that give them additional spin slots.