How to Defeat An Enemy Only Using Kicks in Jedi: Fallen Order


Cal uses more than his lightsaber and his force powers to defeat enemies in Jedi: Fallen Order. A skill you can acquire in the skill tree allows Cal to evade an incoming attack, then immediately respond with a kick. There’s an achievement called Kickoff, where you need to eliminate an enemy only using Cal’s kicks.

Before you complete this achievement, you need to unlock the Evasive Kick skill in your skill tree. It’s in the middle, three up from the base.

The easiest way to complete this achievement is to find a lowly stormtrooper. Traditionally, you can take them down with a single well-placed lightsaber strike, or by reflecting a blaster bolt at them. But here, you’re using simply kicks, so you need to land two to three before your opponent will go down.

You’ll want to eliminate any other enemies around you before focusing on the single stormtrooper. It’s easy for another opponent to get in your way and mess up your rhythm. When you have a single stormtrooper with you, evade their attacks and immediately hit the primary attack button to launch your kick.

After you eliminate them only using your kicks, you should find the achievement notification popping up after they fall.