How to do all Summer of Sea of Thieves challenges

The summer isn’t over yet.

Starting on August 19, Sea of Thieves ends the summer with a bang by releasing a variety of challenges that players can complete earning various cosmetic items. All of the available challenges have been posted to the Event Hubs page on the Sea of Thieves website. You have until September 30 to complete the available challenges to earn the cosmetics, which will likely be unavailable following the end of the event. The Summer of Sea of Thieves goes until September 30.

It’s important to note that you will earn a cosmetic item for every three goals you complete. Each challenge has four goals, and there are a total of 12 cosmetics you can receive.

How to do the challenges and goals

All of these challenges and their goals are available on the Sea of Thieves Event Hub website. If you log on to the website with your Microsoft account, you can see what cosmetics you’ve received, and view your progress with each challenge. Every challenge comes with a unique title as a reward.

Here are all 11 challenges and the four goals that you can do with you friends in Sea of Thieves.

Meet the Locals

  • Pirate Queens: Speak to Amarantha of the Sea Dogs in Sea Dog Tavern, Speak to Umbra at Lagoon of Whispers, and Speak to Grace Morrow at Morrow’s Peak Outpost.
  • The Arena’s Top Dogs: Speak DeMarco, Lesedi, and Dimitry by jumping into the Arena mode.
  • The Sea’s Strangest: Speak to the Servant of Fire at Reaper’s Outpost, Madame Oliva at Plunder Outpost, and the Ferryman on the Ferry of the Damned
  • Tavern Friends: Speak to the Mysterious Stranger, the Duke of the Bilge Rats, and Tallulah at The Charred Parrot

Make New Friends!

  • Make a Friend: Use the Make Friends emote with another pirate.
  • Shanty Share: Play a shanty alongside another pirate from a different crew.
  • Chest to Impress: Let another crew cash in on a chest you earned.
  • Battle Bards; Play a shanty on your ship with a full four-person crew in the middle of an arena battle.

Stay Healthy

  • Summer Nights: Cook up a meal at a campfire while its night.
  • Shipshape: Repair three holes on your ship using planks while playing Arena.
  • Fruit Salad: Eat all five types of fruit: Pomegranate, mango, pineapple, coconut, and bananas
  • Boarding Denied: Defeat a pirate who has boarded your ship an arena battle.

Experience More

  • An Auspicious Start: Complete the Maiden Voyage.
  • Trial by Combat: Complete a contest in the Arena. You can win or lose.
  • A Fateful Encounter: Defeat a Skeleton Ship, the Kraken, the Megalodon, a Ghost Fleet, or an Ashen Lord
  • Silver Fox: Turn in a Sea Dog Chest.

Spread Mischief

  • Not So Fast: Drop an enemy crew’s anchor during an arena match.
  • Deadly Blunder: Kill a pirate using your Blunderbuss in an arena match.
  • OK Boomer: Explode a skeleton’s gunpowder barrel in a chain reaction, making at least two go off at the same time.
  • About Face: Perform a hardbrake turn by dropping your ship’s anchor at full speed.

Go Wild

  • Hidden Treasures: Dig up three buried chests during an arena match.
  • Pack the Good Powder: Fire your cannon 50 times in Arena.
  • That Drinking Feeling: Drink grog until you vomit.
  • Damned Nuisance: Clear the Fort of the Damned.

Play Together

  • Pirate Versus Pirate: Finish as the top three crew in an arena match three times.
  • DeMarco Polo: In an arena tavern, have one member from each crew sit in the hot tub.
  • Stronger Together: Form an alliance with another crew.
  • Bone Chair Buddies: Sit together with another crew on a Skeleton Throne.

Get Groggy

  • Drinking Buddies: Drink grog with another crew in a tavern.
  • Tub Toast: Drink from the Glorious Sea Dog Tankard with three other pirates while sitting in the hot tub.
  • Go Home, Skeleton: Kill 10 skeletons affected by Grogballs.
  • More Grog Money: Turn in a Sea Dog Chest in an arena match while drunk.

Be More Daring

  • Gotta Go Fast: Turn in a Sea Dog Chest within five minutes of an arena match.
  • Finders. Keepers: Turn in a stolen Sea Dog Chest during an arena match.
  • Parrrkour: Complete the Sea Dogs jumping challenge above the tavern.
  • Brave the Fire: Defeat an Ashen Lord.

Win a Trophy

  • Consistent Contestant: Finish among the top three crews in 10 arena matches.
  • Most Vicious Pirate: Defeat 20 pirates in arena matches.
  • Dedicated to the Flame: As a Reaper’s Bones Emissary, sell another crew’s level 5 flag.
  • Extreme Fishing: Deliver 20 Trophy Fish to the Hunter’s Call.

Reignite the Legend

  • Legendary Prowess: Win an arena match as a Pirate Legend.
  • Legendary Landing: Land on the deck of an enemy ship by using a cannon in an arena match.
  • Legendary Loyalty: Reach Athena’s Fortune Emissary grade 5.
  • Legendary Generosity: Allow another crew to turn in your Chest of Legends chest.

You have until September 30 to complete all of the possible challenges to earn the available cosmetic items. You do not have to do them in any particular order. You can choose to do three goals from a challenge, and then jump over to start another one.