How to earn reputation points fast in Rogue Company

The Rouge Company grind.

Image via First Watch Games

Reputation Points in Rouge Company takes time and effort to grind up. They’re used to unlock other playable Rouges (characters) in the game, with some requiring 5,000 Reputation Points and others 15,000 to unlock. Another option is using real in-game money to buy credits to acquire Rouges. So, if you don’t want to fork over your hard-earned cash on Rouge Company, be sure to check out our following tips and tricks to speed up the Reputation Points process.

Daily Contracts

In the main menu, there are three Daily Contracts, which are refreshed daily. It’s important to check and complete them as soon as they do, because finishing them nets you consistent Reputation Points, along with Experience. As mentioned, you’re capped at three Contracts per day. Keep in mind that sometimes the Daily Contracts can be time-consuming or difficult to accomplish. By hovering your mouse cursor to the right of one of the contracts, a Recycle option prompts, allowing you to swap the Contract for a new one. Use your judgment with this trick, factoring in the time required for the Contract and the total Points rewarded. Each completed Contract nets about a few hundred points, which add up.

Grind Matches

Playing more matches is an obvious method because Reputation Points are awarded at the end of the game, regardless of if you win or lose. However, if you win matches, you earn more. Further, the number of points that you earn is dependent on your in-game performance. The more you play, the better you get at Rouge Company, the better you perform, netting you the most potential Reputation Points. So, improving in Rouge Company and putting in the hard work has its merits.

In short, earning Reputation Points in Rouge Company comes down to putting in the time in matches, and completing the daily Contracts. Playing the game on a daily basis is the recommended approach, as consistency is key.