How to farm lead in Fallout 76

Where can you find lead reliably?

Image via Bethesda

Lead is a useful resource in Fallout 76. You can use it for your armor to help increase the radiation resistance of whatever you’re wearing, which is extremely useful in a game where nukes regularly go off. For those who plan to periodically place themselves in nuclear-radiated locations, you want to readily have lead on hand or know how to obtain it reliably.

A simple way to obtain lead is to acquire it off an array of junk items you may have in your inventory. These items include bullet casings, aluminum cans, paint, pencils, wooden blocks, and a variety of other items you may have collected while venturing out into the wastelands. Having plenty of junk items on your person is never a bad thing, and these items offer an ideal range of potential lead-creating materials. Once you have any of these items, you do need to break them down at either an armor workbench, a chemistry station, a power armor station, the tinker’s workbench, or a weapons workbench.

For those looking to obtain several junk items, you can visit gyms, munitions factories, and abandoned manufacturing locations.

Beyond smelting down junk items to fuel your lead needs, you can also obtain more by locating lead deposits. There are several notable lead deposits found at these locations on your map:

You can visit one of these many locations to find a suitable source of lead for many of your needs. They vary in amounts, so you can travel around to find the best sites that fit your needs. You won’t be able to camp near a few of them, so if you find a rich deposit, try to see if you can set up a camp nearby to then periodically obtain as much as you need before server hopping to gain it all over again.

If you visit the large squares on the map, closer to the north, you’ll find more than one deposit within that threshold. These are ideal locations for you to visit often during your travels in Fallout 76.

Lead is a crucial resource, and having plenty of it is never a bad thing. Make sure you keep as much as you can.