How to Find Force Echoes in Jedi: Fallen Order


Cal has a unique ability in Jedi: Fallen Order to touch particular objects and receive visions about an object’s past. Players see the first instance of this aboard the Mantis when Cal touches an instrument and remembers a song Cere once played on it. There are force echoes scattered everywhere in the game for players to find.

These echoes serve as useful lore items, meant to give Cal the history of a location and to provide additional context about a place or the inhabitants. Players can review force echoes by going to their main menu and going to the “Databank” section. This area is going to display every force echo players have found on a planet, and show many more are left to find.

A force echo is going to look like a small spark of swirling blue energy. When players approach it, they have to hold down the right stick to have Cal learn about an object. Players need to hold it for a few seconds. After Cal processes the piece of information, he’s going to comment about it and talk about what he saw.

To find them, players need to break away from the main path of a planet and explore away from the primary mission area. BD-1 is likely going to comment on how Cal is going the wrong way, and he may even say he senses something in the direction he’s going.

While some force echoes are purely lore points, other, more difficult ones, provide permanent improvements to Cal’s stats. Players are going to need to find a certain amount of force echos to receive these benefits.

For players who are still searching a planet for force echoes, make sure to check out BD-1’s holomap to locate any areas they may have missed. If a location requires a force power Cal doesn’t know or tech skill BD-1 does not have yet, players need to return to these locations after progressing further into the game.