How to find Harvey and go to his island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Check out Harvey’s island when he visits yours beach.

animal crossing new horizons

Image via Nintendo

There are numerous NPCs you can visit and invite to join your island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Many of them have different personalities that offer a rich variety to your island. A returning character you can find is Harvey, and he has an island of his own you can visit to access new features in the game.

Harvey randomly shows up on your beach after a couple of days of playing the game. You may notice him on the fourth one, or so. When he does show up, run up to him to talk to him, and he tells you about the private island you can visit that’s far away. The private island is easily accessed. All you have to do is report to the Dodo Airport at the front of the island and ask to travel, making his island the destination.

When you visit his island, you will now have access to a photoshoot where you can bring models to and take a picture in front of this area. You can also use Amiibos and can freely use them in the photoshoot for Animal Crossing. You can access it by hitting the down directional button on your controller and showing the cards. Not many Amiibos options are available. The ones that show up for the photoshoot are most of the villagers. Any Amiibo you can bring over into the photoshoot can let you dress them up, but players have noted they could not do this for Isabelle.

Due to the limited amount of creativity in Harvey’s hut, we’re likely to see future updates for this section. Nintendo could make more Amiibo cards available for the photo shoot, or have them operate differently. Either way, after you finish taking photos and you return to the island, Harvey gives you a call about the posters now available in the Dodo Airport. You can purchase unique posters with the cards you use, which you can use to decorate your island.