How to find Mickey Wilkerson in Trumbull Valley in State of Decay 2

Not the kindest person in the past, but he brings new story content.

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Back in the first State of Decay, we were introduced to Mickey Wilkerson, a hard-and-tough personality from the Wilkerson family who say they “own” Trumbull Valley. The entire family of Wilkersons is not the kind you see in the store and greet, but Mickey held a significant role in the Heartland update for State of Decay 2. Now that Trumbull Valley has returned to the Campaign portion of the game, you can find what has happened to Mickey and his family. Here is where to find him.

To find Mickey Wilkerson, you will need to travel to the northern part of Trumbull Valley near the town where the first game started in. Keep traveling north, and Mickey and Dr. Hoffman will eventually contact you. We got contacted when we got near an ammo shop in the area. When this happens, a new story mission will begin called Meeting Cleo: The Doctor is Calling. Go to the new waypoint, and you will find the two along with Dr. Hoffman’s aid, Izzbee.

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Talk to Hoffman, and she will have Mickey follow you to an area to clear out zombies and grab a part for her. Complete that mission, and after a while, Mickey will contact you about helping him find supplies. Follow that story, and you can learn the fate of Mickey’s family.