How to find the clues for the Ash-Spear in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Hunt the mysterious figure down.

The Order of the Ancients is the new Templar order that you will have to take down in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. This mysterious organization seems to be involved in just about everything in England, and it’s up to Eivor to help the Hidden Ones exterminate them from the land.

The Ash-Spear is a member of the Wardens of Wealth branch, and you will need to hunt down three clues in order to find out who they are, and their location, to take them down. Luckily, we know where these clues are and how you can get your hands on them.

Finding the first clue

There are two methods by which you can uncover the first clue for The Ash-Spear:

  1. We were given the clue after we took out The Lathe, who belongs to the same branch of the Order.
  2. You can get the clue by defeating Wuffa, an Order zealot.

Defeating Wuffa

Wuffa can be found in East Anglia, patrolling the roads in the region. We found her northwest of Theotford, right in between the town and the Synchronization Point.

Wuffa’s power level is 160, so she is going to put a up a fight. You need to come prepared for her, and as always, ranged attacks can be the best option due to the distance it’ll put between you and her. Eventually, she will fall and the first clue will be yours.

Finding the second clue

The first clue will have you go to the Ruined Tower to the north of Northwic in East Anglia. This tower also serves as a Synchronization Point, so luckily, there will already be an icon on the map for you to go to.

At the tower, follow the path up the hill to the entrance. You will need to take out the four guards here, but they won’t put up much of a fight. When they’re taken out, look to the left of the tower to see a wagon with some urns on it. On the end of the wagon is the second clue for you to pick up.

Finding the third clue

The last clue can be found in the bandit camp, to the immediate southeast of Britannia’s Watch. Heading from that Synchronization Point, just head southeast, into the wooded area. There will probably be a small gold dot to show you the exact location.

In the camp, dispatch all the bandits and you will find the clue on a bench in the big, open tent in the middle of camp.

This clue will reveal the identity of The Ash-Spear to be Gifle, who can be found at the Forest Hideout to the west of Theotford Forest.