How to fish in Littlewood

Time to catch some dinner.

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Littlewood, like most similar games, allows you to fish but does things its own way. The first thing you will need to start fishing in the game is, unsurprisingly, a fishing rod. You can get your first fishing rod from Dudley, the old fisherman NPC, after building him a house. When the house is complete, go and visit Dudley, and he will give you a novice fishing rod.

How to catch a fish

To catch a fish, you will need to walk to where the fish is, get to within two tiles of it, and cast out the line. You want to land the fishing line near the fish, but not directly on top of it, as this will cause it to disappear. Hit space when facing the water to throw out the line, and when the fish swims to it and pulls it underwater, hit space again to catch the fish.

Fishing Experience

You will gain 3 points of fishing experience for each fish or item that you catch. You can check your experience points for all the different activities in the Tool section of the Journal.

Fishing Poles

  • Novice Fishing Pole
  • Silver Fishing Pole – has a chance to not consume energy
  • Golden Fishing Pole – can catch any adjacent to fish to your target fish

Fishing Licenses

The game also contains fishing licenses, which will allow you to fish in new areas. We will have more information on where to get these licenses soon.

  • Fishing License – obtained from an NPC in Port City Deluca.
  • Exepert Fishing License – obtained from an NPC in Port City Deluca.