How to fix high packet loss on Xbox One

High packet loss leads to a poor online experience, but there are ways to ensure it’s not a problem with your system.

When gaming online, typically, you will experience a smooth gaming experience. Servers are often designed to accommodate a high number of players without causing any issues to the gameplay. However, there are times when some errors can occur, most often when the servers of the game or platform being played are under a substantial amount of stress.

One of these particular issues that can present itself on the Xbox Live platform is an issue relating to packet loss, often being linked to games that require precise inputs. The issue causes updates from online gameplay to stop from reaching the server, meaning that inputs are missed, and you experience some stuttering or lag.

Shooting games are often the games that suffer the most from packet loss problems because it will cause issues when it comes to bullet registration from shots, but it affects all games. It’s an issue that affects all platforms but is only noticeable when servers are struggling with their connection to the players.

But how do you fix the issue of high packet loss? There are two things that you can do from your side to try to combat the issue. Firstly, attempt a complete restart of your system. This resets the internal network card in your console and may assist in bringing back a stable connection to the game servers. Secondly, you can attempt to restart the router connected to your system. As packet loss is network related, this can is something that you can do to ensure that the problem is not coming from your own setup.

If issues persist, then the only thing that you can do is to wait for the game’s servers to resolve the issue. This is an issue that will be picked up by the host of the server, so they will likely be aware that it needs fixing. In this instance, sit tight, and you should find that the issues of high packet loss will resolve itself shortly.