How to fix the Apex Legends ‘stuck on patching files’ error

All hung up.

Image via Respawn

Rolling out a new season of a game is not always the easiest thing to do, especially a major multiplayer title like Apex Legends. Things can, and will go wrong. Sometimes, when attempting to download a patch or an update, players will be hung up on the “patching files” portion.

This is when the download has been completed, and the newly downloaded files are overwriting the existing files that need to be replaced. It can be a pretty long process for Apex Legends, depending on the size of the update. As such, patience may get you to where you need to be so don’t be afraid to wait a few more minutes to see what happens.

The best way to solve this hang-up is to hit the “Pause Download” button, then close the original launcher. Make sure you do it through the Task Manager should it hang. Once it’s closed, open it again as Administrator by right-clicking on the Origin shortcut and selecting that option.

When the launcher comes back up, it should have solved the problem for you. If not, it might be necessary to cancel the update and try again, unfortunately. To start the download again, go into the Origin library, select Apex Legends, and right-click the game, and select “Repair”. This will compare your downloaded files with the file list on Origin, and should only download anything that you are missing.