How to Fly Using Flying Taxi in Pokémon Sword and Shield


Rather than relying on a particular Pokémon to cart you around from town to town, there’s a helpful service in Pokémon Sword and Shield called the Flying Taxi. You’re going to receive it pretty early in the game, and it makes traveling between towns significantly easier.

You receive the ability shortly after you make your appearance in the opening ceremony as a Gym Challenger in Motostroke. After you wrap up the celebration and make your way outside to walk through route 3 to face your first Gym, you get the ability. You received unlimited access to the Flying Taxi service, which is going to involve a Corviknight shuttling you around.

To use it, all you need to do is open up your map in your inventory by hitting the “X” button on your Nintendo Switch and going to the Town Map option. You can fly to any location on the map with a small wing symbol next to it.

You can only do this for towns you’ve visited, though. If you have not visited one, you first need to walk to it the old fashioned way before adding it to the taxi service.