How to get a high influence bonus in A Total War Saga: Troy

The more the people believe in you, the more they give back to you.

Image via Creative Assembly

Having influence is the sign of a good leader, and your faction in A Total War Saga: Troy will hold influence in the various provinces they conquer. When you have a high enough influence number in a region, you obtain a high influence bonus. The bonus is a handy mechanic that motivates a specific province to do more work in the name of your faction while you control it.

What is influence?

Influence is how positive your faction is in that province. A province’s view of you may vary, depending on how long you were at war with them while they had enemies living there and how much damage you did to it before taking it over. You may need to keep a garrison of troops at newly conquered cities, but after a few turns, and you’ve improved the province with new buildings, they show view in your vary. You can view your faction’s influence by clicking on a province’s title and find it on the lower-left portion of your UI.

To increase your influence in the region, you can issue royal decrees, construct buildings inside a newly conquered province, complete events, or have particular characters garrisoned. The information tab on your UI while observing a province’s influence gives a distinct breakdown of how your influence is improving in a region.

How to get a high influence bonus

Every province receives a high influence bonus once your faction reaches 60 percent. At 60 percent, some of your buildings produce additional resources for you, which is listed out when you hover over the information tab of any of those buildings. The bonus gives you more resources than you usually receive at the same cost of labor.

It’s not the end of the world if you receive a high influence bonus or not in a settlement. However, it does help to have it remain positive and for your faction to remain its majority choice.