How to get a shiny Galarian Stunfisk in Pokémon Go

A shiny rock in the mud.

Image via Pokémon Go YouTube Channel

One of the most popular Pokémon for players to go after in Pokémon Go is Galarian Stunfisk. If you compete in the regular PvP Great League and Ultra League competitions, chances are you’ve fought an opponent who was using a Galarian Stunfisk. In these battles, it’s a powerful choice, and it’s hard for many players to counter. At the start of the Ultra Unlock Part 3: Sword and Shield event, Galarian Stunfisk is receiving its shiny version. How can you catch and get a shiny Galarian Stunfisk in Pokémon Go?

Galarian Stunfisk will only be appearing in a handful of ways during the Sword and Shield event. It can appear in 7km eggs or in three-star raids. Of the two options, we highly recommend attempting to beat it in three-star raids. When you defeat a Pokémon in a raid, there’s a one in 20 chance of having a shiny version. That’s the best option available to you.

It’s a Ground and Steel-type Pokémon, which means Galarian Stunfisk is weak to Fighting, Fire, Ground, and Water. Therefore, you want to avoid using Bug, Dragon, Electric, Fairy, Flying, Normal, Poison, Psychic, Rock, and Steel-type Pokémon. Of the choices, Fighting and Fire are likely your best options.

Alternatively, you could try hatching it 7km eggs. These are eggs you’re going to receive from friends as gifts. You want to make sure that you have a clear spot in your bag for another before accepting a gift, or you’ll have to wait a full day to receive another from a friend.

When the Sword and Shield event ends on August 31, the shiny form of Galarian Stunfisk will remain available. When it appears in Pokémon Go, there’s a chance you catch it.