How to Get Basculin and Best Movesets in Pokémon GO

Get Basculin Best Movesets Pokémon GO

Basculin has joined Pokémon GO, and you can go out and capture this Pokémon right now. There are two versions of the Pokémon. One comes with a red line on its body, and there’s another with a blue line. You can receive either, but it does matter on your location.

For those on the western hemisphere of the world, you’re going to receive the Blue-stripped Basculin. If you’re in the eastern hemisphere of the world, you can receive the Red-stripped Basculin. There’s no stat changes or special movesets for the different choices. They only look different, and for Pokémon collectors, that can matter.

Basculin is a Water-type Pokémon. You’ll want to explore beaches, lakes, rivers, harbors, or any small waterways. You can also find them a bit more during rainy days in a city, but you’ll have far better luck in other locations.

The maximum stats for Basculin put it at having a Max CP of 2090, an attack of 189, a defense of 129, and stamina of 172. It’s not an incredible contender when it comes to changing up your roster, but it might be a useful Pokémon for your second tier of choices. Here are the moves it can learn:

  • Aqua Jet (Charge)
  • Aqua Tail (charge)
  • Muddy Water (charge)
  • Tackle (fast)
  • Water Gun (fast)

Of these choices, you want your Basculin to have Water Gun and Aqua Tail or Tackle with Aqua Tail or Muddy Water. Those are your best options to pick up a reasonable Basculin, but they all line up pretty close together.