How to get carrot seeds in Valheim

Add more seeds and crops to your farm.

Valheim features several vegetables you can cultivate and farm close to your homestead. These vegetables are critical to you as you can use them in stews to increase your health and stamina gauges. A good one for you to make is carrot stew to boost your stamina, and having plenty of carrots at the ready. For those struggling to find carrot seeds, you’ll need to adventure to the Swamp.

The carrot seeds are a waist-high, white plant poking up from the ground. You can find them all over the Swamp biome, but you’ll want to battle and win against the second Forsaken boss, the Elder.

The Swamp biome is full of poison infused blobs, Draugrs, skeletons, Surtlings, and leeches. You’ll want a full body of bronze armor or even iron I’ve you’ve started to raid the crypts in that region. Once you have enough, return home, and then build a cultivator to plant the seeds in your land and wait for them to grow.

Alternatively, if you need to acquire more seeds, you can always plant the full form of a carrot into the ground. Let it lie for a day or two, and the carrot will become a seed before too long. Remove it from the ground, and then you can create even more carrots to add to your farm. You’ll receive three seeds for having placed down one carrot, so you can steadily triple your crop each time you do this.