How to get draws for the Epic Showcase Valir Demonlord Collector’s skin event, all super and standard rewards in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

The exclusive Valir skin has gone live.

Valir’s Collector skin, Demonlord, is now live in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Players have the chance to add this fashionable collection, but it’ll only be available for a limited time starting on January 5, and you have until January 22. The skin will be featured in the epic showcase section, and you’ll need to successfully pull this skin using draws.

You can find the epic showcase section in the shop tab in Mobile Legends. Once there, you’ll have the option to use showcase tokens on a draw to pull one item from the reward pool or diamonds for a super draw allowing you to pull multiple items until you receive a Super Reward. The showcase tokens are a reward that you can by completing multiple tasks. To turn in a finished task to receive these tokens, go to the events tab, and visit the Featured Epic Showcase section. Here are all of the available tasks you can finish to earn showcase tokens.

  • Log into the game: 30 showcase tokens
  • Recharge any amount: 40 showcase tokens
  • Recharge 100 diamonds in total: 50 showcase tokens
  • Spend a total of 100 diamonds in the Epic Showcase: 60 showcase tokens
  • Obtain 3 super rewards: 150 showcase tokens
  • Obtain 4 super rewards: 300 showcase tokens
  • Obtain 5 super rewards: 450 showcase tokens

The first two standard draws for a single item are discounted every day. The showcase tokens are the same amount as diamonds and are what you use if you do not have enough tokens to draw. For the Super Draw, there is an estimated amount of diamonds hovering over the icon, detailing the guess of how many pulls it will take before you receive a Super Reward. Every time you pull a Super Reward, the diamond costs for a draw increases.

All Rewards and Super Rewards

These are all of the Super Rewards you can receive from the Valir Demonlord Epic Showcase event. You cannot receive a duplicate of an item. If you do, the appropriate number of hero fragments, or respective fragments, will go to you.

  • Demonlord – Valir skin
  • Gentleman Thief – Khufra skin
  • Badass Roller – Baxia skin
  • Spear of Bone Dragon – Moskov skin
  • 2019 Summer Festival profile skin
  • 8 Large horns (Server announcement item)

These are all of the standard rewards available for the event. You cannot receive a duplicate of an item.

  • Moskov (hero)
  • Valir (hero)
  • 10 tickets
  • 20 Rare Skin fragments
  • 10 Rare Skin fragments
  • 2 Rare skin fragments
  • 2 Hero fragments
  • 2 Hero fragments
  • 1 Hero Fragment
  • 1 Double BP Card: 3-day
  • 1 Double BP Card: 7-day
  • 25 Physical Emblem Fragments
  • 15 Physical Emblem Fragments
  • 15 Physical Emblem Fragments
  • 10 Physical Emblem Fragments
  • 10 Physical Emblem Fragments
  • 80 Jungle Emblem Fragments
  • 150 Mage Emblem Fragments
  • 100 Mage Emblem Fragments
  • 20 Mage Emblem Fragments
  • 10 Mage Emblem Fragments
  • 300 Fighter Emblem Fragments
  • 120 Fighter Emblem Fragments
  • 500 Magic Dust

Everyone has until January 22 to use as many Showcase Tokens available before they go away, and the event ends.