How to get Dripstone Blocks in Minecraft

Drip the water down.

The Dripstone Block in Minecraft is a unique block that can grow pointed dripstone beneath it in your world. A pointed Dripstone is a stalagmite, a sharp, pointed rock hanging from a rock face. These rocks notably drip water down onto a cave floor, and you can harvest this water if you place a cauldron underneath it. It does need to have a water source above it.

Rather than having the Dripstone Blocks in caves, you can move them around and bring them to different locations by using the correct tools. To make sure you properly mine the block, you want to use a pickax on it. You’ll be able to harvest the block and then place it anywhere you like. The bottom portion of the Dripstone Block creates the stalagmite object, and on the top, where the water source is located, you’ll find stalactites. You can find Dripstone Blocks inside Dripstone Caves, which were not added in Minecraft’s update 1.17. They have a rare chance to appear in other cave types or speak to a Mason Villager who has reached Journeyman. They will not always have the item available.

Alternatively, you can mine the Pointed Dripstones and combine four of them to create a Dripstone Block. You can also receive Pointed Dripstones by trading emeralds with Wandering Traders. They accept one emerald for two Pointed Dripstones.

These are a good way to provide a water source to anything you want to water in an indoor environment. If you strategically place it above some crops, you can have the Pointed Dripstones watering them from above, but you need to have a water source above the Dripstone Blocks.