How to get glow ink sacs in Minecraft

Brighten up your work.

When you want to add a little shine to your item frames or to add some glow to your signs in Minecraft, you can use glow ink sacs to make them light up. When you add a glow ink sac to an item frame, it becomes a Glowing Item Frame, and when you use a glow ink sac on a sign, your writing has a distinct glow to it, making it easier to read in the dark. You can obtain this item from the Glow Squids that are swimming around in the ocean.

These squids look just like the regular ones you’ve probably seen swimming around in the ocean previously. The real difference is their coloring, where they have a bright green and white color as they swim through the ocean. When you get too close to them and scare them, they release a glowing ink into the water to try and get away. Because you’re after them for this unique coloring, all you have to do is take them out, and a glowing squid should drop a few glowing ink sacs that you can use.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The glowing item frames are a welcome addition to make certain items pop, especially when you want to mark certain chests. When you use the glow ink sac on a sign, the text does look a little brighter, but it can be difficult to see, depending on the type of sign you used and the text you posted to it.