How to Get Your Buddy to Help You Catch Pokémon in Pokémon Go

You have the chance to get your buddy to help you out to catch other Pokémon in Pokémon Go. To do this, though, you need to increase their overall happiness with you.

You’ll want to do a handful of things to build your relationship together. You can:

  • Play with Them
  • Feed them Berries
  • Take their Snapshot
  • Battle with Them
  • Walk with Them
  • Visit a New Place with Them

Doing so increases their overall happiness. Unfortunately, you can only do those activities every day, so you cannot continually do them over and over again to force happiness on your Pokémon. You’ll need to spread it out. Hopefully, you’ll increase your happiness enough to become a Great Buddy. Now, they can assist you to capture other Pokémon.

After you receive the Great Buddy status, you’ll be able to have a little assistance in capturing Pokémon, hopefully increasing your roster, even more, moving forward.