How to Get The Killer Look Achievement in Borderlands 3

Killer Look Achievement

There’s an achievement in Borderlands 3 called Killer Look. To get it, you first must have access to the first paid DLC, Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot.

After you have access to it and start the DLC, you’ll have to play through the entire DLC campaign to reach all of the points to get them.

There are five different locations you have to visit.

Two in Spendopticon

The first of the two is in the Market District. You’ll need to gain access to this area before entering. When you do, follow the location on your map, and you can fight the person on your fashional hit list: Evil Saint Lawrence.

Evil Saint Lawrence Location

The next person in this area on your list is Junpai Goat Eater, and they’re over by the baths in the Vice District. You’ll need to go into the back area. You’ll be able to take him out pretty quick and slice him off your list.

Junpai Goat Eater Location

Impound Deluxe

You’re headed to the lower levels now to find yourself in the Impound Deluxe. You need to fast travel down to the Beggar’s Berth location. You then need to work your way down until near the end, to the small section in the corner. You’ll see a green door you can open. You may not notice the Killer Look icon on your map until you get right there.

DEGEN-3 Killer Look Location

The Compactor

You’ll have to have played through this area to access this achievement. Return to Trashlantis and go down into Cubeland good ways. You want to look for a small alcove that’s off to the left. It’s behind a VIP door. Gain access to the VIP by paying the amount, and then take out Gorgeous Armada.

Gorgeous Armada Location

VIP Tower

The final Killer Look person you need to take out is in the VIP Tower. You can only access this individual if you’ve reached the end of the DLC, and luckily, when you do, they’re immediately next to the fast travel point, making them an easy target.

Loco Chantelle VIP Location