How to get legendary power recipes to drop in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Don’t miss an important step on your way to regaining some memories.

Image via Blizzard

Creating your legendary armor is one of the most satisfying tasks to accomplish in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. One of the components you’ll need is a Legendary Power recipe. There are many ways to find these, but they will never appear if you don’t do something to trigger their appearance.

Before you start looking for legendary powers, you’ll first need to speak to the Runecarver about crafting legendary armor. You can only get to the Runecarver after you unlock Torghast. From here, you will have to finish the following quests:

Deep Within

All you have to do for this quest is speak to the Runecarver, and you will move ahead.

Ashes of the Tower

You’ll have to collect a total of 1,250 Soul Ash from running through Torghast. This is more than the weekly allowance for a full run of the tower, so don’t rush too much.

The Final Pieces

This is where you’ll find your first memory, as it’s included in the requirements to finish the quest, along with two missives, and an Armor Rune Vessel that can apply to your character’s class.


The final requirement for legendary drops will send you on a short trip to The Maw, where you must take back the Runecarver’s memory. After you turn in Reawakening, you can start looking for legendary powers everywhere throughout the Shadowlands expansion. They’re all over the place, including The Great Vault, Shadowlands dungeons, and the Castle Nathria raid. You have plenty of work to do once they start dropping.