How to get Mangudai units in Age of Empires IV

Mounted archers are pretty great.

Image via Relic Entertainment

Mangudai is a special unit that the Mongols can obtain during skirmishes or online play in Age of Empires IV. These units are a special type of mounted archer that can fire their bows while moving. This makes them extremely effective against slower targets and good at running down fleeing enemies. Here is how to get them.

Screenshot by Gamepur

First, you will need to be playing as the Mongols. Start off the game by collecting your resources and reaching the second age. It doesn’t matter what Landmark you build to signify that you’ve reached the second age. Now that you have access to the new buildings, select one of your villagers and have them build an archery range. It is recommended to build the archery range near an ovoo. This will make it so you can build two Mangudai units at once.

Mangudai can be upgraded with the Siha Bow Limbs upgrade that increases their ranged damage. The Mangudai units also have two upgrades to increase their rank to veteran and then to elite. Mangudai cost 120 food and 40 gold to create. If you are creating two at once with the ovoo bonus, it will cost you 130 food, 30 gold, and 160 stone.