How to get Narga Medulla in Monster Hunter Rise

It’s time to go hunting.

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Image via Nintendo

There are multiple resources you’ll need to search for to craft your many weapons and armor in Monster Hunter Rise. A majority of these items drop off of the massive monsters you have to hunt and defeat in the high rank missions or rampage challenges. For those looking for the Narga Medulla, we were able to find it once we defeated a Nargacuga in a rampage mission.

The Narga Medulla, given the name, is a resource that drops off of Nargacuca. Although we initially discovered the resource after beating a Nargacuca as one of the monsters in an apex mission, it does drop off other high rank missions. It’s a rare resource that you can receive as a target, capture, or carving reward. Of the three chances, you have the best odds of receiving it when carving a Nargacuca.

When carving the Nargacuca, you have the highest rate to potentially acquire the Narga Medulla is from the creature’s tail at a 12% drop. Otherwise, when carving the creature after you’ve beaten it, there’s a 7% chance it will drop. You have a 5% to receive it as a target reward and a 3% chance when capturing Nargacuca. We advise attempting to capture this creature as that is the lowest chance, but there is still a chance for you to receive the Narga Medulla.

Given all of the drop rates, you want to aim for slicing Nargacuca’s tail off during combat. Although, the chance of acquiring the item is low.